Bomb Explosion Kills 3 at a Busy Shopping Center in Colombia


A bomb went off in Bogota, Colombia killing 3 people including a French women. The incident happened in one of the busiest shopping center in the capital.

There are also reported 9 injured people. Witness told that they were being evacuated from the theater and stores after the bomb blasted in the women’s restroom. It was the center of Bogota tourist district. Ambulance and firetruck rushed into the situation within a short time.

The bombing is initially being considered a terrorist attack from one of the country’s active rebel group known as National Liberation Army or ELN. Last February attack in a bullring in Bogota that killed 1 Police​ officer along with injured 20 people was also claimed responsible by the group. Government had peace deal with some other rebel groups in the country and some of them even came nutral. But ELN refused to talk such issue and surrender so far.

Mayor Enrique Penalosa stated the situation “ cowardly terrorist attack”. President Juan Manuel shortened his tour and said in a tweet that he’ll immediately return to Bogota and ordered the police department to investigate the issue. He also expressed solidarity with the victims.

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